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General Questions

Most courses offer a seemingly simple method to make money. They treat it as the be-all and end-all of investing. The problem is the system may work for a while, but then it stops working. What do you do then? By following multiple systems you get a better picture of what is really happening.
I took a retirement because I disagreed with the direction the financial industry was moving. I was a transactional broker and the firm was pushing everyone to switch to their fee based platform. The industry wants to collect fees on assets held year after year whether the assets grow or shrink. Why should a client pay 2% every year for assets that are held for multiple years? What will happen when the next bear market hits? They will be encouraged to hold their securities all the way down. Regardless of the client returns, the firms made a conscientious decision to eliminate transactional brokers.
You can take the Elliott Wave theory course by itself. However, combining Elliot Waves with Fibonacci ratios and Gann angles creates a much more powerful tool for analysis. Remember, you want the odds for success to be maximized in your favour.
The advantage of this course is the ability to ask questions and get answers. If you have a specific question, the odds are there are others wondering the same question. I want this course to be a fully educational experience. I want students to learn as much as they can about markets and investing. My goal is to pass on the knowledge that took me years to learn.
I can not give specific investment advice as I have relinquished my licences. However, I can give opinions, suggestions, and ideas on where I believe the best trades and investment exist. Over time you will learn how to identify them on your own, and have the confidence to act on them.
The course recommends a number of books which delve deeper into each subject. I recommend additional study and building your own library. The course will provide you with all the necessary material to make informed decisions on trading. The course will also follow you through the experience by being available for questions and consultations.
This course is updated and provides a better interactive experience. The annual subscription ensures continued support. The first year subscription is included in the full course purchase price.

Technical Questions

To purchase the Full Course , you can click on “Buy Membership” from any lesson page, or go .
The Full Course includes all 8 lessons, including all videos and reading recommendations, plus a One Year Subscription .
Yes! Go to the page of the single lesson you wish to purchase and click “Add to Cart”.
Yes, you can purchase the One-on-One Consultation as many times as you want. Each Consultation must be purchased in a separate transaction.
When purchasing your One-on-One Consultation , you will be directed to a page during the checkout process where you can select a date and time that works for you. George Lyttle will be in touch to confirm the date and time selected.
If you need to change your consultation appointment, you can send George Lyttle an email using the contact form.
Absolutely. While the One Year Subscription is included in the full course, it is also an ideal purchase for someone that has already taken George Lyttle’s course and would like to further expand their knowledge with Investment Teachings by George Lyttle.
This course has been previously offered at other virtual locations, but has been updated and improved for If you wish to have access to the updated course, try The Full Course. Or, if you’ve taken George Lyttle’s course elsewhere and would like to expand your knowledge, the One Year Subscription can be purchased individually for more content beyond the course material.
Send an email to George Lyttle within 24 hours of purchase, and your refund will be processed within 5-7 business days. No refunds will be issued after 24 hours of purchase.
All purchases are processed through a Secure PayPal Payment Gateway. Accepted methods of payment include: PayPall Account, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Interac Online.

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